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Know who
you’re hiring.

Use the most advanced technology for employee
background checking and ID verification.

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ID verification

Use advanced
biometric verification.

Know who a candidate really is with biometric identity verification. The award-winning facial recognition and liveness detection systems offered by RapidID reduce the risk of identity fraud.

Document verification

Verify Documents
with ease.

Securely match ID documentation to real-time data sources, including government, credit bureau, private facilities, utility databases and more. Generate a one-time verdict to create a true picture of a person's digital identity.

Background Checks

Conduct additional checks.

Choose from more than 200 global checks and create packages available via our platform integrations.

Criminal History Checks
Employment & Qualification Checks
Visa & Work Entitlement日本六九式页码20日本六九式页码20,日本大片35种播放器日本大片35种播放器
Credit Financial & Business Checks
Traffic & License Checks
Predictive Psychometric Assessments
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